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Gulf International Security Systems (GISS) are an independent security systems integrator founded and headquartered in the State of Kuwait. The company was registered in 2007 and since inception has successfully delivered major projects in the commercial and government sectors. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide technically superior solutions at competitive costs to enable our clients to meet their security requirements.

To do this we employ some basic design principles. We only use open platforms, which allow us to support the widest possible array of hardware and without locking our clients into long-term agreements for bespoke products. This protects clients in that they maintain the ability to go to other vendors for support or utilize hardware from other manufacturers during the lifecycle of their systems.

Our solutions are built around IP networking as a core medium that uses standard IT hardware available from a host of global providers which provides compatibility with clients existing infrastructure and guarantees the ability of our systems to scale well and inter-operate with future requirements.

As a fully independent integrator we are not financially affiliated to any manufacturers allowing us to choose best of breed systems to meet specific needs on a client-by-client basis, as a result our designs are unbiased and truly offer our guarantee of openness.

As a rule we do not allow manufacturers to wholly design our systems or sub sections of them, generally speaking many integrators do not possess the in house expertise to provide end to end system design and use vendors and suppliers to carry out designs for them. This in our view leaves clients in a very disadvantaged position as vendors will always have commercial advantages in specifying their own products whether they are correct for given project or not.

We invest heavily in our team to ensure that we have the expertise in house to meet all of our design needs ensuring that as a company we are not at risk of specifying an incorrectly designed solution or even worse passing such a design to a client. Our experience allows us to translate operational requirements into electronic systems that fulfil our client’s needs.

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